As an innovative manufacturer, Insausti offers a high degree of specialisation, with specific trolleys for each hospital area. We believe it is very important to employ the most suitable equipment for each department. The wrong equipment may affect the daily work of users for many years.

First we identify the area to be equipped.

2 types:

  • I – Medical assistance areas.
    Medical assistance areas, closed to the public, only authorized personnel.
    Examples: cardiology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, diagnosis, dressing, injections, emergency room, operating room, reanimation area, ICU.
  • II – Hospitalization units, open to the public.

I – Static trolleys

Simple trolley 300 series

  • The work surface design allows you to move the trolley without needing the push handle.
  • Left side is available for mounting accessories.
  • You can work from the front part of the trolley, with accessories on both sides for gloves boxes, containers, etc.
  • The surface remains clear of objects so you can work comfortably.
  • The absence of a push handle makes it easier to clean the trolley’s left panel.
  • Drawer opening in 300 series. Even if the brake pedal has not been pressed down, when a drawer is opened, the trolley is automatically immobilised to prevent unwanted movement. Drawers open and close easily.
  • Specific wheels for hospital environment
  • Load capacity 100 kg per wheel.

II – Extensive mobility trolleys, daily conduction

Simple trolley 100 series

  • Elevated push handle left side. Ergonomics, height 1045 mm.
  • 100 series trolleys offer user a soft conduction, an excellent mobility.
  • These trolleys offer no resistance and just a light push is enough to move them.
  • Opening 100 series drawers: It is advisable to press the brake pedal down when opening a drawer to prevent unwanted rolling.
  • High-tech wheels specifically for hospitalization unit trolleys.
  • Steel ball-bearings.
  • Load capacity 110 kg per wheel.